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Equipment Hire

We have a large range of bar equipment all available for dry hire at very competitive rates. If you are running your own event and are not sure or you know roughly what you want please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through your options. Our equipment can be delivered and installed nationwide at anytime of day or night. Alternatively you are welcome to collect direct from our warehouse. We're based in Milton Keynes, just 40 minutes from central London. All our equipment is supplied clean and tested. If you are looking for something not listed, please do not hesitate to give us a call as we may already have it in stock. All quoted prices exclude VAT and delivery. Long term hires once over two weeks receive a discount. We are happy to put together packages bespoke to you and your events, alternatively we have some festival bar packages ranging from 3m to 10m. Please get in touch for more details.

All prices shown exclude VAT, delivery and collection.

Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
Festival Bar - Black (4', 6', 8' sections over 250m avaliable) £25.00
5' Aluminium Fronted LED downlit Contemporary Bar £45 £55.00
5' Full LED Fronted Bar Units £175.00 £200.00
Festival Back Bar £25.00
Festival Back Bar with Optic Board £35.00
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
Chopping Board £2.50
Cocktail Kit (Boston Shaker. Muddler, Strainer, 50ml, 25ml) £8.33
Ice Scoops £1.00
Pourers £1.00
Tongs £1.00
Fruit Dispenser £5.00
Small Black Ice Bucket £2.50
Medium Aluminium Ice Bucket £5.00
Large White Ice Bucket £7.50
Clamp and 25ml Optic £3.00
Bottle Opener £1.00
Bottle Bins (Black) £10.00
Beverage Trays (Medium) £4.00
Wine Measure 125ml £1.50
Wine Measure 250ml £1.50
Barware Kit (Chopping Board, Ice Bucket, Tongs, Scoop, Fruit dispenser, Bottle Opener, 125ml/250ml Wine Measures) £18.00
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
6m BAR Banner £30.00
3m BAR Banner £15.00
Scaffolding Package 6m (Banner Display) £70.00
Scaffolding Package 3m (Banner Display) £35.00
Casio SE10 £35.00

Our Cask dispense systems are supplied on racking with a maximum of 18 casks per bay. Each bay has its own remote cooler. Systems include; racking, stillages, cooling jacket, tap, cooler and all associated pipework.

Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
Cask Taps £2.00
Piped Cooling Jackets £15.00
Auto-tilt stillage £15.00
6 Cask Auto-tilt Stillage £15
Dry Hire Cask Dispense Packages
1 Line Cask Dispense System £45.00
2 Line Cask Dispense System £90.00
3 Line Cask Dispense System £120.00
4 Line Cask Dispense System £135.00
6 Line Cask Dispense System £150.00
12 Line Cask Dispense System £250.00
18 Line Cask Dispense System £300.00
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
3m Mini Festival Bar £275.00
5m Medium Festival Bar £575.00
10m Large Festival Bar £875.00
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
Dispense Taps and Fonts
Chrome Swan Neck Single £15.00
Chrome Swan Neck Twin £20.00
Chrome Cobra Neck Twin £20.00
Chrome 4 Line Low T Bar £30.00
Chrome 3 Line Low T Bar £25.00
Chrome 4 Line Medium T Bar £30.00
Remote and Shelf Coolers
1 Line Shelf Cooler - 110 Maxi £30.00
4 Line Shelf Cooler- 310 Maxi £50.00
4 Line Mini Remote MF Refridgeration £70.00
10 Line Remote Cooler - Cornelius Polar Flow £95.00
10 Line Remote Cooler - MF Refrigeration £95.00
14 Lines Remote Cooler - Cornelius Polar Flow £110.00
4 Line Wine Dispense - BIB (Stowells Wines Only) £39.50
Keg Couplers
Grundy £5.00
Interbrew £5.00
Sankey £5.00
Guinness £5.00
Keykegs £5.00
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
Fridges - Freezers - Cool Boxes
3' Undercounter Double Door Display Fridge £35 £37.50
6' Upright Single Door Display Fridge £42 £44.50
174 Litre Chest Freezer £40 £40
165 Litre Igloo Cool Box £15
58 Litre Wheeled Cool Box £10
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
Beer Glasses
1L Oktoberfest Beer Steins £1.50
Half Pints (Nonic) £0.25
Pint Glasses (Nonic) £0.25
Stella Artois Branded Pint Glasses £0.35
Carling Branded Pint Glasses £0.35
Wine Glasses 125ml (Saxon) £0.25
Wing Glasses 250ml (Saxon) £0.35
Champange Flute 125ml (Saxon) £0.35
Mixer/Cocktail Glasses
Martini Glasses 5oz £0.55
Straight Hi-Balls 12oz £0.20
Bell Jars £5.50
Jugs 1L £1.00
Product Event/Day Weekend/Weekly
3.5m by 4m Pop Up Marquee £100.00
5m by 5m Losberger Pagoda (Chinese Hat) £200.00
5m by 10m Losberger Padodas (Chinese Hats) £350.00
6m by 9m Clearspan £450.00
9m by 18m Clearspan £750.00