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Real Ale, Bitter & Stout

You can call us freephone or e-mail us with your Real Ale, Bitter or Stout selection, if you don't see it just ask. We need to know where and when your event is we then arrange a delivery date & time. Our trained technicians will set up the equipment (typically 30 minutes) and give you a demonstration of how it works. We then collect the equipment after your event. Our typical hire is over a weekend, we would set up Friday and collect on the Monday.

Pricing is £40 per single tap dispense kit (this includes everything you need to dispense your beverage), we add the cost of your keg from our price list and then add the delivery, set up and collection which is just 95 pence per mile to and from our depot (Minimum delivery charge £30). Remember you can also add Ciders and Lagers to your order, if you are worried about ordering the right amount we will can help.

See our keg price list below and then call us for your free quote. All Prices exclude VAT.

Type Product Size Price
Cask Ales      
Adnams 9 gallon/72 pint £102
Adnams Broadside 9 gallon/72 pint £123
  Arkells 9 gallon/72 pint £99
  Black Sheep 9 gallon/72 pint £105
  Bombardier 9 gallon/72 pint £116
  Brainstorm 9 gallon/72 pint £85
  Eagle IPA* 9 gallon/72 pint £106
  Everards Tiger 9 gallon/72 pint £112
  Fruitcase 9 gallon/72 pint £85
  GK Abbot 9 gallon/72 pint £127
  GK IPA 9 gallon/72 pint £108
  Landlord 9 gallon/72 pint £130
  London Pride 9 gallon/72 pint £128
  Marstons Pedigree 9 gallon/72 pint £122
  Old Hooky 9 gallon/72 pint £125
  Spitfire 9 gallon/72 pint £112
  St Austell Tribute 9 gallon/72 pint £112
  Tring Sidepocket 9 gallon/72 pint £97
Keg Beers      
  John Smiths Bitter 11 gallon/88 pint £122
  London Pride 11 gallon/88 pint £153
  Boddingtons 10 gallon/80 pint £128
  Brains Smooth IPA 11 gallon/88 pint £116
  Eagle Smooth 11 gallon/88 pint £123
  GK IPA 11 gallon/88 pint £128
  John Smiths 11 gallon/88 pint £124
  Adnams 4.5 Gallon/36 Pint £72
  Hooky Bitter 4.5 Gallon/36 Pint £74
  London Pride 4.5 Gallon/36 Pint £86
  Old Hooky 4.5 Gallon/36 Pint £86
  Tring Sidepocket 4.5 Gallon/36 Pint £67
  Guinness 11 Gallon/88 Pint £139
*Free branded glass hire included
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